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Trainee Dispensing Optician - Haywards Heath

Employment Type: Location: Salary:  £26000Date Posted:

Trainee Dispensing Optician  - part way through your DO course?

An opportunity for an articulate, caring Trainee Dispensing Optician that likes  to make a difference, by ensuring that every customer leaves you with a product that really meets their needs. Suits them, fits well, and looks amazing!

You are a highly-skilled professional - supplying the most appropriate glasses, taking into account each customer’s visual and lifestyle requirement. Advising on lenses for night driving, VDU use, UV protection, prescription sunglasses, low-vision aids, dry eye, sports and safety eye wear. You will play an important role in advising and dispensing to customers who are partially sighted as well as to children, your knowledge and patience will shine!

Your day will be working with your colleagues - ensuring that you are doing the best you can for every patient, developing your skill set, possibly encouraging colleagues to build towards becoming a Dispensing Optician!? Checking dispenses, measurements, assisting with basic training needs, things that you probably do naturally and don't realise you are doing it.

On-going development will be there for you too, possibly building towards management, you may have some experience in this field, or, Supervising or Team Leader, well now is the chance to build on these skills, all development will be at your pace, giving you time to build the skills necessary for that role.

If this sound like the next step for you, it is exciting, please get in touch, send your cv and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to go through your requirements.

£26K + Bonus 

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