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28th Sep 2022

well today has not started well - engineer booked - but turns up at another address... really! Will the day get worse.... Now they want to rebook - NOV!!! You're having a giraffe!

27th Jul 2022

Happy Holidays about to begin, long hot sunny days.... Well - not today! But, it's nice to have time to relax, time to ponder... Uni - finished or back in Sept/Oct? We have a lot of jobs, Trainee posts - #PreReg posts for both #Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, so, if you are looking to start your career, we are ready to help you! McCartney Maxwell - Specialist #OpticalRecruitment, we are waiting to hear from you... So, what are you waiting for... #OptometryJobs

15th Jul 2022

Well - lots of people becoming quailifed, taking exams and looking for a fresh start... Hard work, studying, commitment, (not too many parties) and now hopefuly it will all be worth while! The start of your career, choices when newly qualified, be it from Uni, or, in practice, you are now a Dispensing Optician, or about to embark on your Pre Reg year, or, you are about to take OSCE's?? Well, here at McCartney Maxwell we can help with that decision, giving you sound advice - preparing you...

26th Apr 2022

Well, we have just launched our new McCartney Maxwell website, Recruitment for #Optical #Jobs in the UK! I'm sure there will be some teething problems and I'm sure #Shopblocks will be on it... Took a while to get it right, but all things take time and also need tweaking... But have to praise #Shopblocks, they put up with me! So, Bank Holiday looming, hope we all get some sunshine and I can get some gardening done. We want...

12th Mar 2019

Brexit! #Jobs Well, its nearly here, 29/3, opportunity awaits #Great Britain, we are not Leaving Europe, we are only Leaving the EU! #Optometry Jobs will still be available to people all over the world, visas will be actioned, hopefully the Immigration Dept will have it finely tuned… Those working currently in the UK have been advised that they can and will remain here, we understand that many countries in the EU have already guaranteed that British citizens will be offered the...

9th Jan 2018

Jan 2018…. #Opticians #Jobs OK – so here we are again – start of a New Year, same old – same old? I hope not, time do get rid of all that’s not working – dust yourself down, decision time! Think about what you’ve been through over the last 6 months or so, any promises that have not been kept, any that you have given up on? now is the time to ACT….. Make a list, nothing huge, be it more training, responsibility, promotion,...

5th Jul 2017

Wimbledon & Murray!! Best get my skates on if I want to watch the main man today!! Andy Murray – lets do it….. Do it for #Scotland and do it for #GB! Best of luck….

2nd Feb 2017

Feb 2017…… #Brexit Well January has been a busy month,,,, New President, Protests – #Brexit debates, Remoaners moaning…… #Democratic Vote my friends – suck it up!! Britain – British majority have spoken!! Let’s get on with it and get the hell out…. Britain will survive and survive very well thank you… Anyway – Jobs.. #Jobs in #Optometry – we are currently looking for Pre Reg...

21st Nov 2016

#AndyMurray! #AndyMurray – No1 in the World – #TENNIS! OMG! did you watch that game, I was screaming at him, I’m sure my neighbours were wondering what the hell was going on… But isn’t it Great to have a home grown #Champion – #Scottish 1st & British….. We need more investment into our schools and sports centres right across our #Nation… Anyway, He’s No1 in the World, I’ll settle for that as an early #Christmas...

11th Apr 2016

Specsavers #Opticians – #Witney – glowing reference….. Great feedback from an exceptional girl, one that will go far!! Halle Rana – I think you will be an asset to the Witney branch and I think you will do well.. What a lovely thing to say about me, thank you, young lady, much appreciated.. Well what can I say!?- Yvette is amazing. I had been with 2 other agencies and then found Yvette. She was able to find me and get me into a job within a week!...

22nd Feb 2016

#EU – Debate is on….. Well the time has come, the decision has to be made, YOUR future and that of your family, siblings, job, depend on you thinking things through… Don’t say you don’t know what to do, the one thing you can do – is to read!! Ask questions, understand and then you make an informed decision…. This is possibly one of the biggest opportunities that you will ever have in your future, so start THINKING…...

29th Sep 2015

#RWC #Scotland…… Biased, yes….. #RWC what a fantastic 2 wks its been, some great clashes and loads more to come…. #SouthAfrica up next for my home team and I hope #Scotland keep up the good work, #ProudofmyBoys ….. Not too sure about how #England are going to play on Saturday, but it’s a Home nation – so I hope they do well too….

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