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John Schembri – you star!!


If you are serious about wanting a job in optics and have no experience up to working in optics and wanting and needing a change or challenge then there is only one person you need to find you the job you want and that is yvette! I had little experience 2 years ago yet yvette spoke to me and when she knows what you want and knows you are serious she will and is as determined as you to find you the job and doesn’t give up till she has! That is why I have nick named her the pitbull as she never stops and let’s go till she gets you the role you want! When I decided I wanted a change the first person I called was mccartney maxwell and spoke to yvette and was like talking to an old friend who’s friendly determined and honest  and again she found me the role I was looking for to move me forward in the optics world.

1. McCartney Maxwell and yvette are the only person you need if you want a job in optics and want to progress in your development