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Jan 2018…. #Opticians #Jobs


OK – so here we are again – start of a New Year, same old – same old? I hope not, time do get rid of all that’s not working – dust yourself down, decision time!

Think about what you’ve been through over the last 6 months or so, any promises that have not been kept, any that you have given up on? now is the time to ACT….. Make a list, nothing huge, be it more training, responsibility, promotion, salary, whatever, think about what you can achieve where you are currently, is it possible, are you ready, if it’s a yes and you need to make a move to get it done…. Well do it, do it now… compose your CV, add all the things you can do, go through your daily tasks that you perform, ask someone to write down what you do, let them help you with your CV, profile, possibly there are some little gems you have been missing.

It’s time to step up, go forward, be a little more assertive, perhaps??

We at McCartney Maxwell Ltd are her to help, we will work with you, give an honest approach to helping you with that most important next step…

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch, even if you want to have a quick chat – possibilities, we will help you make a difference!

Get into 2018, now…… we are waiting…….!