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How many Days….. How many Sleeps…. #Aunty knows best!


It’s the final count down….. Ok I’m as always well behind in the shopping dept, but I’m sure it will all come together on the day…. Heading to #Scotland for Christmas, love this time of year… From seeing the nieces and nephews grow up to their own little ones, it’s fab and being a Great Aunt I get away with all sorts…. Last year I asked my great niece Alice & nephew Sam what did they fancy doing,  cinema – eats, my nephew 11 going on 19 said that’s for babies!! So – I offered cinema or ice skating… when will I ever learn to keep it zipped!! Well this year I don’t know what will be on offer, so best take knee pads, gloves…..just to be on the safe side…. So if you have any ideas for what I can do in #Dumfries with 3 kids, as another great nephew is joining us – as he’s nearly a whole 6!! Plz let me know…. asap!