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#EU – Debate is on…..


Well the time has come, the decision has to be made, YOUR future and that of your family, siblings, job,  depend on you thinking things through… Don’t say you don’t know what to do, the one thing you can do – is to read!! Ask questions, understand and then you make an informed decision…. This is possibly one of the biggest opportunities that you will ever have in your future, so start THINKING

What affects you, what’s not happening, what do you want to happen, what about who makes the decisions for #GB, who makes the final decision, how much money do other countries pay in to the #EU, what do they, we get? Go on Google it? Google most things and you’ll get a surprise…. But the one thing you can’t do, is #NOTHING!!!

Do something – think about our Schools, education, schools not big enough to cope, translators because people don’t speak the Queen’s English,  hospitals – interpreters, Dr’s waiting lists, older population being ignored, security of our borders, taking back control and deciding on who comes in to the UK, those we send back, which Dr’s – specialists we need in our Hospitals that may not come from the #EU, but #India, #China #America to name a few…   Visa‘s are used if you wish to go to #America #Asia #Africa no big deal, so what’s this about free travel in Europe, I still have my passport checked when I go to #Spain, #France, #Germany, #Italy, so how on earth did these people walk all through #Europe with NO #Passport to get to #Calais ??? Is there something we are not being told, because as far as I can see #EU needs more #Security…  #BritishArmy has protected our shore in 2 World Wars and will continue to keep us safe, let’s re build our #Services, #Ships, #Aircraft…. If the ~EU does not come to our #Aid in times of need, why the hell did we bother to help them, so, think on my friends, we will be just #Dandy!! #BREXIT keep the £ keep the faith!