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2015 & Counting….


Well it’s here, between ships tipping over in the #Solent, #ChedEvans #Gerrard #PrinceAndrew – it’s all kicking off.. Can’t we just slip gently into January? Nope! We have A&E waiting times the worst for over a decade, mind you the system is abused, surely the Dr’s Surgery is the place to go to for general things? Not clogging up A&e, remember your family just might need it one day, when they have been involved in a serious accident, then low an behold – they’ll be queuing… So think on peeps!  Now Lord Sugar is in trouble, what is it with people – we are all too politically correct – where has the sense of humour gone! So what if someone calls you #Fat! #Thin # Ugly? get over yourself!

Don’t you remember – #SticksandStones ?

Anyway – I best get some work done – jobs to fill – great candidates to talk to…. Bye for now…